My Top 8 Fave Hawaiian songs to Inspire Aloha

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My Top 8 Fave Hawaiian songs to Inspire Aloha

Here are my Top 8 Fave Hawaiian songs to inspire Aloha including George Kahumoku Jr., Ledward Ka'apana, Jason Ho and more~


I love painting to Hawaiian music; it reminds me of home.  One of my favorite ways to get in the mood for my tropical island colored creations, is to put on the internet radio station Hawaiian Rainbow.  Their tagline is "A Tropical Vacation for Your Ears"; which is a great companion to my art, because I like to think of it as if it is "A Tropical Vacation for your Eyes!".  


Hawaiian music is super mellow and instantly relaxes me and puts me in such a calm happy mood.  I always infuse my artwork with the healing happy vibes of Aloha, so it is the perfect music to create to.


Here are my Top 8 Fave Hawaiian songs to inspire Aloha~


1) First I HAVE to share the music of my fellow Mauian who I admire and who is also a fellow artist!; the wonderful George Kahumoku Jr., with his amazing talent playing slack key guitar. One of my favorites is his performance of the song: Ka Lae 'O Ka'ena


2) Cyril Pahinui performing Pō Mahina, find it on his album HERE.


3) Keali'i Reichel, Kauanoeanuhea


4) ANOTHER Maui Favorite, Jason Ho. He actually performed at my last Aloha Zen opening, so that was a real treat! If I had to pick one song, it would be "Front Street Girl", because I grew up on Front St. (and a Bonus 2nd song from Jason Ho would be "Alive and Well but Forgotten"


5) Olomana performing Ku'u Home O Kahalu'u.  Full disclosure: Now, this song INSTANTLY makes me feel as if I am at home again on Maui...and for that, it also makes me slightly melancholy since I miss it so much, but it is my FAVORITE Hawaiian song ever.  Sigh. I hope you enjoy it too! 


6) A CLASSIC from Keola and Kapono Beamer, "Honolulu City Lights"


7) Ledward Ka'apana, "Punahou Slack, find it on his album HERE.


8) Nā Hoa, their song Ka Hui Kinai Ahi


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  • While I knew it existed as such, I never thought of Hawaiian music as it’s own genre. Always looking to expand my musical horizons, I’ll be sure to check these out. Thanks Mika !

    Marty on

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