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Fresh Pineapple Watercolors! 4x4 vibrant Aloha Art

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Need a Gift for your Best Friend? Grab a fresh pineapple, with these mini watercolors!Bring the warm feeling of Aloha home to you with these original paintings , ready to adorn your walls of your kitchen, bedroom or office!OVERVIEW✦ multi-colored pineapples. Choose your fave one from the drop down menu....

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Watercolor painter and mixed media artist originally from Maui, Hawaii, madly in love with vibrant colors. Every piece of artwork is infused with happiness and Aloha.

Hawaiian themed artwork and seahorse watercolors by Maui artist, Mika Harmony

Take a break from your day and Escape for a moment into artwork full of saturated color, vibrant happiness and lots of Aloha!