Since we are all stuck at home, wouldn't it be nice to add some HAPPY COLORFUL Art to your space? 

In honor of my bday (3/23!! Aries unite! ;) ) I typically hold a store-wide sale. However, I know money is tight for so many of us, so I thought having a larger discount (50%) and Free Shipping would help out a bit.


USE CODE:  BRIGHTENUP for Free US Shipping at checkout

If you can't afford to buy anything, I completely understand.

Since I started my art biz I have managed to survive, but now with the quarantine it is getting lean. I don't have a boss to help me or any co-workers to swap stories with. I just have me....BUT I also have YOU! I have always said, you all are my co-workers, and I mean it.  Thank you always for your support and for cheering me on.


I hope you find something colorful to bring you a bit of cheer in these stressful times.  And don't forget to search my site for my FREE Coloring pages! ;)

PLEASE consider forwarding this shop link to your friends and family in case they might want a little color for their day.

Much ALOHA! 

Mika Harmony